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Probably you'd heard about my...

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Probably you'd heard about my favorite entry point to Trieste at The Daring Pier? Well, this was a perspective on the other side with the Prefectura in front. Behind you can see my favorite coffee restaurant in Trieste. Sometimes during my visits I'm sitting there alone, drinking cappuccino, sometimes in company with a better part of me /Sorry, but I'm not quite sure about the half, may be more/. It's not the cheapest one, but it is the most worldly one by my opinion, at that small part of world in the middle of thrones on Piazza Unita d'Italia on some sunny day around noon... The story... Can you feel a deep of sharpness in my mind, the static movement of the child on bicycle, the running one...?
Year: 2008, Time(GMT): 12:00PM
ISO 400 46mm 1/1300 f7.1