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Burning and Dodging

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A smell of developer and fixer might have been unusual today, but technique of layers on a computer, hadn't changed. Dodging has been dodging in the software as well, as in darkroom had been many years ago. Layers from a microfilm have had similar function as layers on the screen have. A young boy of 13 years of age on one of the pictures is an author of the content and material on this page, its design, etc. His first snapshots have been published here. I haven't starting with the first film I took, first shots published are actually from a film numbered as number four, numbered with a childish manuscript on the box of the film, a film lighted and developed by him, by me actually. The same manuscript is on the diary of a taken snapshot. It had many data written. Why the fourth? Well. Why not the last, might been the same question. The spirit suggests, do you remember?

I had tried to push some positivism with a color into the pictures, but the original hasn't had a color, not a color even unfortunately. Overall, a charming darkroom might has been forgotten, technique hasn't, so that's it, here my story is starting actually, like was mentioned in the prolog of this page.