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A smile on my face...

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A smile on my face of auto portrait hadn't reached the AgBr layer on a negative. I had been making a few of my auto portraits by a mechanical self shutter. A light intensity meter was in my hand. It is one of the worst, autoportraits, but also one of the first. In any doubt, please check the other photos. I had joined to the community of amateur photographers at 12 in the sixth class of elementary school actually. Yes, I got my education as a photographer also and, yes, I got much more education, with higher formal rank, than a photographer in my country formally needs. Taken on film ORWO NP 20 B/W

This picture is merely a depiction with documentary value and is an exempt from the art published on this page. Well, an exempt from the art, doesn't mean exemption from the copyright.
Year: 1980, Time(GMT): 11:00AM
ISO 80 Other data unavailable