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Composition with my sailing boat...

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Composition with my sailing boat at the center, had been made in the year 2003 here at 43°55.0N 15°10.0E /Bessel-1841 from the navigational charts that I'm using, published by HIJRM and HHI, and last updates for them. If you prefer to use satellite navigation systems as the opposite to a classic method with an azimuth, navigation aids, ephemerides, sextant, etc., you probably know as was mentioned before, that satellite systems are usually referred to WGS-84 datum. Longitude and latitude mentioned, belongs to region where, latitudes obtained with such system may be plotted directly on Bessel-1841 chart, but longitudes should be moved 0.28 minutes eastward to agree with Bessel-1841 datum, or practically above coordinates should be moved 0.28 minutes westward respectively, to agree with positions the satellite system shows on supplied coordinates above/ Taken on film Kodak Gold.
Year: 2003, Time(GMT): 5:25PM
ISO 100 Other data unavailable